Gisela Pi

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PhD Student

gisela [dot] pi [at] upf [dot] edu 55.102

I have a strong inclination to work on research in the field of cognitive development. Learning is a crucial capacity for adults but it becomes even more determinant for infants, as they need to achieve certain goals at each developmental stage in order to master higher-order cognitive functions critical for their future. Thus, I am specially interested in how infants learn language, one of the most valuable and also most complex cognitive capacities. Since I have my own experiences as an early bilingual, I am keen on studying how being able to use a second language from childhood might open up a completely new “mind set“ to work with, and even alter the general perception of the environment in a profound way. Hence, my current PhD research is focused on investigating the differences and similarities between bilingual and monolingual infants in the field of phonetics' acquisition, as an informative source to shed new light onto intriguing aspects of language learning, such as the role of age at the time of acquiring language and its impact in general language processing.